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The New Battle Royale Game Era

Since its introduction in 2017 , the Battle Royale gaming genre has grown in popularity in India specially the pubg and free fire. The craze of these two games change the prospective of the people of india regarding esports. The popularity of Battle royale game will continue to rise in the coming years.

We can expect more innovative versions of these game in the upcoming years. Also we can also see more competition in the battle royale genre as more developers enters in the market .

Furthermore, esports in India in the battle royale games is rapidly increasing its popularity in India. Also foreign companies and others investor investing a lot of money to grow the esports in India. Indian esports is 80% occupied by the battle royale games. Before the battle royale genre the esports industry in India with the game like Clash of Clans and 8 ball pool , Counter Strike was not that much popular which can snatch the investor eyes as well as the audience attention.

Currently the number of internet user is almost 700 million which is world second popularity of internet users and the number is still raising as the price of smart phone is getting cheaper day by day .

In conclusion, with the huge popularity and investor support the number of battle royale gamers is going to increase through the year. This is the good opportunity for the developer also to bring some new game in the market with new innovative ideas and amazing graphics so that can be the next big thing in the Battle Royale genre.

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