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Sugar Bytes TransVST


Sugar Bytes TransVST

Download: TransVST VST for Pro Tools 5 Free Download TransVST is a hybrid polyphonic synthesizer that includes VA, wavetables, FM synthesis and more. It gives a good sound in any type of music and does have an effector full of useful tools. It provides a very powerful modulation capabilities which are LFO, sequencers, bipolar, Sample + Hold, Pitch Bend and much more. You can also download Diablerie VST.

About: TransVST VST for Pro Tools 3 Download TransVST is a plug-in for Pro Tools 8.5. It was developed by experienced synthesizer musicians and designed for both producers and sound engineers. This plug-in includes a wide variety of electronic analog effects: bit crunch, WOW, lo-fi, additive, subtractive, FM, square FM, sawtooth, ring modulation, notch filter, etc. This plug-in includes also all the synthesis abilities: triangle, linear, Sawtooth and Pulse. This plug-in includes the following features: 8 multisampled instruments: Guitar, Bass, Keys and Drummer, 3 multi parameter instruments, and 3 effects. In addition, it includes 15 digital effects processors such as wet reverb, a stereo delay and more. Moreover, TransVST can be used as a 20-voice multi synthesizer or as a flexible monosynth. You can also download Synthi VST.

It has been almost a year since I last wrote an article about Sugar Bytes. Things have gone smooth since then, Sugar Bytes is still one of my favorite plug-ins and how they seem to be doing and are willing to collaborate with our company. Anyway, for some of you that do not know Sugar Bytes exists, well Im pretty sure I can do a small article about it. So lets see what is going on right now and why Im pretty happy 3d9ccd7d82

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