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Crack No Cd Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter [UPD]


in this video game you get to play as the main character known as "captain scott mitchell" who is usually the leader of a team of ghosts. he's in the united states army and known as "the ghosts" he and a group of his colleagues will have to go on a mission on the ak-47. this game may contain some spoilers, so if you aren't caught up, be careful.

the game begins with the main character named "desmond mills" being on the u.s military plane and flying over the uninhabited forest in the desert. he realizes he is missing a mission for the reason he never boarded the plane and stays on the military plane to get a call from the head of the ghosts- "scott mitchell" advising desmond to go and check out a map quickly. he goes to check out the map and proceeds to end up in a valley in the middle of the desert. he walks to the small portion of the open forest where he has seen a giant symbol over. he is then shown a symbol and he is shown that its an enemy jamming technology which he was sent to recover. however he realizes he is an imposter the first time he is shown the symbol. in the process of his search he realizes he is a clone of a deceased man named ethan hunt. in a way that ethan who is also a replica of a deceased man. ethan hunt has been ordered to kill "mitchell" and then leave the area. ethan therefore has a knife to steal his body and go off in another direction. however by this time tom's team has arrived and pursue ethan. ethan by now realizes that "mitchell" has been killed and proceeds to leave the area when he sees tom's team. he is then targeted by military technology and has to use his knife to kill the target. he is then told to escape the area and goes on the military plane and returns to the u.s army base. 3d9ccd7d82

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