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Pocket Emergency Medicine

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Reviewer: Sarah E Mott, MD (Regions Hospital)Description: Now in its fourth edition, this pocket reference covers the essential clinical elements of chief complaints encountered in the emergency department. For each diagnosis, the authors provide an overview then review the recommended history and physical, evaluation, and treatment. Clinical pearls and updates are highlighted throughout. The previous edition was published in 2014; this edition has been revised and referenced to reflect the current standard of care.Purpose: The purpose, as stated by the authors, is to provide an "essential go-to reference for busy clinicians on the front lines." The format, a hardcover 6-ring binder with pockets, is designed to improve durability and encourage practitioners to use it at the bedside. Chapters are organized by organ system, then presenting condition, with the goal of facilitating rapid diagnosis and decision-making. The authors are successful in creating a portable, easy-to-read, and organized reference. It is concise yet provides enough information to at least initiate care for most every chief complaint.Audience: According to the authors, the audience is "busy clinicians who work on the front lines of emergency care." It is written at a level best suited for, and relevant to, resident learners and practicing midlevel providers (e.g. nurse practitioners and physician assistants). The book has more detail than would be expected for mastery by most medical students, but does not offer the nuances of care that attending level physicians typically provide. Appropriately, the book is authored by four emergency medicine residents and edited by senior faculty, certainly credible sources for reviewing management of diagnoses seen in the emergency setting.Features: The book covers common and relatively benign as well as less common, but life-threatening presenting complaints and diagnoses organized by organ system. It also offers an overview of diagnoses encountered in pediatrics and toxicology as well as a review of airway management and patients presenting after trauma. Each section includes important findings on history/exam, workup, treatment/disposition, and clinical pearls. Bullet points, charts, and mnemonics aid in locating and remembering information important in clinical decision-making. The inclusion of commonly used medications, including dosages, and review tables are particularly helpful.Assessment: This is a comprehensive, organized, and easy-to-read book that covers the most common clinical presentations in emergency medicine. Whereas other bedside references typically focus on as single aspect of care (e.g. pathophysiology or medical management), this pocket book condenses the most clinically relevant information from all domains including pathophysiology, history, workup, and management (including drug dosages) into a single portable format suitable for a pocket or small workspace. I highly recommend it for current and incoming emergency medicine residents as well as attending physicians looking for a portable, nonelectronic reference.

Pocket Pimped: Emergency Medicine is a collection of the 1,500 most commonly asked questions in Emergency Medicine written by the residents and attendings who ask them. With contributions from internationally recognized faculty, Pocket Pimped, provides insight into the questions you will be asked as a student, PA, and resident. Small enough to fit in your pocket, this book ensures that you will never be unprepared. Use the Pocket Pimped advantage to succeed, and know exactly which questions you will be asked!

A paracentesis is the procedure by which clinicians gain access to and assess ascitic fluid that has collected within the confines of the peritoneal space. It is performed under sterile conditions by introducing an 18-20g needle into the peritoneal space where a large pocket of fluid has formed.1-2 The fluid collection may be solely for diagnostic purposes or also for therapeu

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