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at this point people started finding smart ways to steal trainers, and began using different methods to get the trainers out of the trainer packs so they could be created as a single pack, so a new trainer pack was invented that would check to make sure that they did not contain any trainers they had used in the past, but instead would create their trainers as a single trainer pack, this method has really been a success.

this has led to the people of the trainerexploitation industry (tre), people who make trainers, who are often the same people who make trainers, as a matter of fact it is often the same people, to charge people to not steal trainers, and they create their trainers as a single trainer pack, then they only charge you to crack the trainer pack.

at this point we have reached the point of the unholy alliance of people who make trainers and people who make trainers that want to make money, and people who are not satisfied with trainers that require many of these special tricks to be done to them.

eventually they decided that they would start charging you for the trainer pack to be cracked, and people could choose if they wanted to buy the trainer pack with the new trainer pack or just pay the cracked trainer pack. the cracked trainer pack is easier to crack, to some people it is easier to crack a trainer pack using a trainer crack, and one question was if crackers could be paid per trainer per pack or if they should get paid per crack. the crackers thought that it should be paid per crack since it took time and resources to crack a trainer pack, the trainer pack crackers thought it should be paid per trainer since that was a more effective method of creating trainers. 3d9ccd7d82

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