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Assigned to a lifeguard boat, Shauni is involved in the rescue of a woman and her young daughter, but when ordered to perform CPR on the girl, she freezes, unable to act. Though ridden with guilt over this, experienced lifeguard Jill Riley consoles her, encouraging her that she will do better, and letting her know that there will always be someone to back her up.

Mitch's longtime lifeguard friend Al, who was not in the water for the rescue as soon as the other lifeguards, is told that he is being taken off the beach because he is past his prime. In order to cheer Hobie up, Al takes Hobie on a fishing trip. An accidental propane explosion in the ship's kitchen destroys the ship. While awaiting rescue, Al tries to calm the other survivors as they cling to debris in the water. Among the rescuers is Shauni, who must overcome her fear, and Mitch who, along with Al, must rescue Hobie, who is trapped underneath the capsized boat on the ocean floor. After Mitch swims down to the boat to investigate, he returns to a rescue boat for scuba gear, while Al dives down into the boat and reaches the survivors through a hole in the boat's hull. Mitch and Al manage to rescue the survivors, but in the process, Al's legs are tangled in a fishing net, and he drowns before resurfacing. Despite the efforts of Mitch, who performs CPR on him, Al dies. Baywatch arranges a funeral at sea for Al, at which Mitch eulogizes his fallen friend.

Mitch and Cody witness a disaster involving a parasailer and a boat. While heading for the rescue, they are again beaten to the scene by Bayguard, a new firm that specializes in privatizing lifeguards. When the rescue has been completed, Mitch is introduced to Alex Ryker, CEO of Bayguard. She tells Mitch that she plans on going up against him for the county contract as Baywatch's contract is about to expire. The next day, Alex shows the Chief a videotape of some of Bayguard's amazing rescues. She also shown the Chief a tape showcasing the Baywatch team apparently slacking off. Mitch objects, but the Chief thinks Alex's proposal warrants consideration. Later, Mitch tells his lifeguards to start acting like professionals, otherwise they will not have any jobs left by the end of the week.

When Mitch and Hobie are walking down the beach after a tough day, they notice a strange smell in a tunnel. When they have entered the tunnel, Mitch immediately recognizes the smell. Some workers have accidentally damaged a gas line. One of the workers drops his cigarette into the tunnel and Mitch and Hobie have to run out before it explodes. Later in the marina, Hobie meets his friends Brad, Josie and Randy. Because they are in no condition to drive, Hobie drives Brad's dad's boat. While they are driving, Josie pulls the throttle to full speed. Hobie loses control and it is just a matter of time before the boat turns over. Hobie manages to rescue everyone with the help of Jessie and April.Josie ends up in a coma and Brad tells Josie's father that Hobie caused the accident. Hobie ends up in prison due to reckless driving. His bail is set at $ 300 000. Mitch pays his bail using the deed to his house along with April's money as collateral. When Hobie meets Josie's father at the hospital, he threatens to sue Hobie. The next day, Mitch has to give Hobie the bad news that he is temporarily off the lifeguard roster. Hobie leaves upset and feels like everyone has abandoned him. Mitch takes Hobie to the hospital to meet Josie who has come out of her coma. Josie tells her father the truth that she pulled the throttle. After finding out about the truth, Josie's father apologizes to Hobie.

Later a shark arrives and knocks Craig off his board. Craig is knocked unconscious. After Mitch has scared away the shark, he rescues Craig. When Mitch hears a seagull, they know they are close to shore. They end up at San Clemente, an island the military use for target practice. They are arrested by the military and returned home. Craig decides to give his relationship with April another chance. Meanwhile, Cody and J.D. get into a battle of egos. Both J.D. and Cody try to put up the sail on their sailboat. But both of them fail and Jessie is the one who ends up doing it. J.D. is working extra at a local Bally Total Fitness club. When Cody arrives, he starts training the girls for free. This upsets J.D. who thinks that Cody is stealing money right out of his pocket. The two of them also decides to have a churro contest. Cody is planning on entering the Oceanside pre-Olympic triathlon. J.D. tells him that he can do it too. Then Jessie decides to participate as well. Cody and J.D. keeps ruining the race for each other all the time. And in the end, when they have injured themselves, Jessie beats them at the finish line.

The new training center is finally done and ready to be boarded. Jason's individuality becomes a problem as he performs a way too risky jet ski pickup, so Sean wants to dismiss him from the team. After talking to the other lifeguards, Sean decides that he'll try to teach Jason some risk management; basically the skill of preventing accidents - on the sand. Jason learns and does his job perfectly, but three guys would not listen to him, and one of them breaks his neck. Meanwhile, Dawn outstays her welcome when she joins Nick and Allie in their private helicopter ride. All of a sudden they find a boat with no crew, and later find out that a pregnant woman went into labor after falling overboard.

The story follows Teresa, whose drug smuggling lover has given her a special cell phone. He warned her that if that phone ever rung it will mean he would have been killed and she would be the next target. The dreaded call eventually comes, sending her on a journey of life changing events. She moves to Melilla, a Spanish enclave in the North of Africa, and becomes the girlfriend of another handsome drug runner who teaches her all about boats, navigation and survival on the Straits of Gibraltar.

Unfortunately for Gretel, Balalaika paid off the Vietnamese Navy to blockade Dutch's boat from dropping the girl off northward on an island near Hainan Island and the Vietnamese coast, so Dutch changed course to Pangkal Pinang. There at the dock, Gretel told Rock that she wanted to meet up with him and have a picnic at some point in the future. However, just as Gretel disembarked, she was shot in the back of the head by Elroy, the getaway man who Dutch contacted and who was paid by Hotel Moscow to kill the girl as insurance. While Rock was initially horrified at her death, he expressed relief that Gretel and her brother were now at peace. After she had died, Dutch suggested that they bring something to cover her up; however, Rock quickly refused, saying that it would be better if she had died looking up at the sky.[1]

As Byron flies away, the guests of Delta Burke chase after him on a rowboat. Banjo runs across the forest as Byron lands near a sign that says KEEP OUT "SWAMP OF RUNNING GAGS", Buster pets Byron to thank him for saving him and Babs. When they reach dry land, Tupelo tells the Possums and Gators that the first one to find the two rabbits gets to chow down on the good parts. Buster, Babs, and Byron all witness this and run away. Tupelo, the Possums, and the Gators all chase after them. Buster and Babs run into Mr. Hitcher, and a storm breaks out following his appearance. Mr. Hitcher starts up his chainsaw, preparing to make welsh rabbit out of the two bunnies, who look back at Tupelo, the Possums, and the Gators approaching them. Once again, they're surrounded, and realizing they can't get away, stare in shock. Banjo's tail wraps itself around them and Byron and pulls them up into the tree above. Babs is shocked when she sees Banjo, thinking he's going to eat them as well. Banjo tells Babs not to be afraid of him, as he isn't like his family. He would never eat a guy who could play his face. Buster tells Babs that he told her music was the universal language. Babs tells Buster that she always thought it was Esperanto. Below, Buster, Babs, Byron, and Banjo look down and see Mr. Hitcher cutting the tree down with his chainsaw. They realize as soon as it comes down, they will be surrounded by him, Tupelo, the Possums, and the Gators, and they all jump into a nearby mine cart. The tree falls on Tupelo, the Possums, and the Gators, flattening them, and Mr. Hitcher gets into the mine cart next to the one Buster, Babs, Byron, and Banjo jumped into. He chases after them, using his chainsaw to tear down the mine. Eventually, Mr. Hitcher catches up to Buster, Babs, Byron, and Banjo, and Buster tells Babs not to look at Mr. Hitcher. Mr. Hitcher plans to make Bunny Burgers from the two bunnies, and Babs screams in fear when she hears this. Buster, Babs, Byron, and Banjo all duck into their mine cart every time Mr. Hitcher swings his chainsaw at them. Eventually, a junction separates the two mine carts, but now Mr. Hitcher is behind Buster, Babs, Byron, and Banjo, chasing them. 59ce067264

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