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Cheaper By The Dozen 1 Full _VERIFIED_ Movie Download


Cheaper By The Dozen 1 Full _VERIFIED_ Movie Download

Cheaper by the Dozen is a 1950 American comedy film based upon the autobiographical book Cheaper by the Dozen (1948) by Frank Bunker Gilbreth Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey. The film and book describe growing up in a family with twelve children, in Montclair, New Jersey. The title comes from one of Gilbreth's favorite jokes, which played out in the film, that when he and his family were out driving and stopped at a red light, a pedestrian would ask: "Hey, mister! How come you got so many kids" Gilbreth would pretend to ponder the question carefully, and then, just as the light turned green, would say: "Well, they come cheaper by the dozen, you know", and drive off.

Once information is digitized, the costs of replication and distribution are close to nil. This means the open market value of a digital copy of a movie also becomes pretty close to nil. The purpose of digitizing data is easier (and cheaper) copying, storing, processing, and distribution. Welcome, big media, and Ryan, to the free market in the information age.

For this article, I'm going to comment only on a single site, but what asite! It is only partly devoted to microelectronics, but the rest is alsoloosely relevant, so I make no apologies. Actually, it is not a site, ratherthan a sub-site, devoted to microsystems, divided into four categories.Unfortunately, the graphics menu on what amounts to the Home Page is slow todownload for those of us on a narrowband DUN system as it, alone, takes upnearly 100 kb of the 140 kb for the whole page, but the wait is worth it. Likeall good Home Pages, it has correct meta keywords and descriptions, so it comesup beautifully on search engines. The menu offers four choices: IntelligentMicromachine Initiative; Microelectronics; Photonics and Sensors.

Now we all know these micromachines exist, but do we know what they can do Icertainly was not aware that they were more than a scientific curiosity and thatthey have practical applications, such as three-dimensional inertia sensors usedfor the deployment of air bags in cars. The page has a full menu on the left,topped by an invitation to view a demonstration, streamed live from a videocamera attached to a microscope. This is a fantastic Internet application but itmay appear jerky if you have a slow Internet connection. If this happens, justtry again during a calm time on the 'Net. However, there are also tens of otherrecorded video clips downloadable from the "Movie Gallery", divided into a dozencategories, including steam engines, mechanical locks and so on. Of course,these take a wee while to download, but they are worth it. There is also asimilar "Image Gallery" of stills, from which Fig. 1 is taken. It shows a spidermite, barely visible to the naked eye, sitting on the code wheel of amicrominiature combination lock. This perhaps gives a better idea of scale thanthe 100 çm line, underneath it. The question that must be asked is howthese mechanical devices are made, and this is how I can justify the inclusionof this paragraph here. It is done in exactly the same way as some ICs are made:in fact, the mechanical device can be fabricated onto the same chip as theintegrated circuit itself, making the electromechanical interface invisible.This will give a great clue why such devices can be made at a very low cost.Full details are given in the section "Technical Information", describing twomethods developed at Sandia and a link to a third, more complex and versatile,method of German origin but which Sandia is able to manufacture. The site isworth the visit if only to be able to say, "Whew!" at what has been achieved.

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