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the united states securities and exchange commission, the u.s. department of justice, the u. state department, the u. department of commerce, and the u. office of foreign assets control (ofac) have collaborated in the matter described herein.

i want to send a special thank you to the former fbi assistant director for counterintelligence brian lord, who helped us find the right path. airbus would not have been successful without his wisdom, guidance and direction. my thanks also go to the u.s. attorney's office in dc and the department of commerce, and the fbi in hong kong and singapore, and especially agent chin kee wai, senior inspector vainola, senior inspector yuen shi ho, and inspector teo ang hiong yoke. mr. woo teng chang, the dpus, is not only a former colleague of mine but also a good friend. his professionalism and skill as a former assistant director of ofac are well known. to mr. bill fassett, once again, thank you and best wishes.

airbus a320 amm is a small business jet (sbj) line certified for flight into north america and the middle east. it meets the full worldwide far part 25 requirements at a price of just $23m/airframe. the family offers the all-new top-of-the-line 2019 model. these are the first to provide both standard (pthr) and battery electric propulsion for quick, quiet short takeoffs and for additional range. modeled after the successful a320neo family, the a320 amm is designed to meet the needs of many business travel, courier, and general aviation markets.

this document does not purport to be a complete recitation of all of the information in this release. additional details will be provided by airbus in connection with the ongoing criminal and civil proceedings referred to above. airbus continues to cooperate with the department of justice and other law enforcement authorities in the united states and around the world regarding these matters. 3d9ccd7d82

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