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And it was the urban environment that became the scene of the 22-kilometre introductory prologue. It led the bikers through a historical part of the town of Akko. "It was truly intensive," Milan commented on the initial kilometres of the stage race. The first part led along dirt roads through the orchards to the town of Akko, where the bikers rode through the local streets and there was the greatest climb on the whole track in the form of a steep ascent to the town walls. It was followed by zigzagging through the town centre with very unpleasant curves and an uphill ride to a sandy road going along the beach. Milan and Honza finally crossed the finish line on 20th place.

On the second day of the stage race, there was a 95-km stage with an elevation of 1,600 meters. After the first few kilometres, a group of about 30 teams that also comprised Milan and Honza, formed on the flat section. The road turned into trails on the 11th kilometre and the bikers from KILPI SUPERIOR TEAM held around the 20th place. "The singles were rocky but amusing and when there was some tarmac, I was glad that I could eat and drink comfortably," Damek told us after the race. Then there were dirt roads again, underpasses or crawling under the roads, and especially temperatures that resembled a furnace, and so reaching the finish line was a matter of great self-denial for the racers. Milan and Honza crossed the finish line in the 17th place. 59ce067264

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